Prioritizes Ethnicity over Religion?

【left:Kebaya,indonesian traditional dress/right:Islamic wedding dress】

I have already known Indonesian Islam is more generous and the way they wear burka is more fashionable in the world and,but A seminar which was held yesterday in Tokyo made me get more interested in religion. Interpretation of what to do bases on your religion differs from one to another.

Some people think wearing hijab/jilbab in a fashionable way is kind of a temporary trend(Ikut-ikutan in Indonesia and should not be done according to Allah(You only wear jilbab when you have a special occasion like celebration party or international event,arranging the way to wear them elegantly and etc..We have names of how to wear hijab…Hijab Ninja and Hijab Paris lol)

but others think it preferable because what you are doing for religion in any way is just a “process”.they welcome what you are trying to do for Allah,even though it seems to be a trend.

Even if you are getting trend and fashionable,you try to be careful of what
you do for Allah,at least do something which will not betray your lord.

In Noor,Islamic fashion magazine,on one hand they arrange their islamic clothes by using many colors,motives and etc, on the other hand they are faithful to pay attention to their belief.

In World Muslimah,a world islamic women(Muslimah)’s contest in the world,you have to be smart to read Al Qur’an while your Islamic fashion is judged.

“Hijabers community”is a community for muslimah who hold many kinds of events to expand wearing hijabs in whole Indonesia.The young Indonesian girls hold a event of how to wear jilbabs/hijabs in a fashionable way.

What I think is interesting is the way they think about color.In the past,
they didn’t think they can use colorful design when you wear clothes.
But now,they think “why don’t you use every single color which Allah made for us?”

One of my thoughts in my mind thanks to the seminar yesterday is some muslim are so sensitive to what they do for Allah related to commercial,sexual and fashionable issues.but others welcome those tendencies if it makes more people like and believe Islam.

To tell the truth,when I would like to be a muslim because the way of thinking is a little bit similar to me,I am a little bit afraid that this feeling is rude to Allah and Japanese cannot be easily a Muslim if those people are like me,non-muslim and just get interested in Islam.But many friends who are muslims welcome me if I wanna be a muslim.(I changed my mind after all though) So I am so relieved when I asked my friend about it.

I like Indonesian Islamic way of thinking and actually,their activities are not dishonest to Allah,I guess.They pray for Allah 5 times a day and never eat pork and drink alcohol even though their wearing style is adding more colorful and fashionably changes.

Another thing that I get interested in is that some young muslim women are more passive to wear kebaya,which is traditional and ethnic official dress and has parts of see-through than their parents are.In Suharto era,western way of thinking is more popular and young people in the era might be more open to the young now.But only that reason can support trends the young in Indonesia tend to wear Islamic clothes?

For parents,traditional clothes can express their racial identity in the middle of context of globalization and changing generation and their tradition fading by wearing traditional clothes more compared to Islamic clothes.

For their children,on the other hand,can express their identity by wearing islamic clothes and doing their religious rutine more than showing their traditional origin because there are fewer and fewer wearing traditional clothes and more and more doing Islamic activities.

Many foreign companies expand Indonesia and many international cultures flood in the central of Indonesia,Jakarta.The Indonesia Government controls import and regulates foreign investment which prevents Indonesian companies from their development.It recently promotes economic nationalism, but not only in governmental level,do people also lean to their believes more to protect their identity compared to WESTERN one?But People are more mild and welcome people who don’t know Islam that much and way of western thinking too.

Anyway,They are more generous for non-Muslims than Muslims.They don’t care the reason they are into Islam even though they get interested in colorful jilbab with brand logo and it’s fashionable unless they are dishonest to Allah.

Perhaps people who think Islam more difficult one to know are just people out of Islam?
Muslim people are always open and welcome to non-Muslims and they want us to know what Islam is.



2 thoughts on “Prioritizes Ethnicity over Religion?

  1. I am glad that you apparently enjoyed my presentation the day before yesterday. Thank you very much for the great opportunity. I agree on your opinion. Many Japanese have a misconception about Islam. We hardly can imagine that the ways Muslims practice Islam are varied. I do hope that we will have another project to promote the development of muslim fashoin in Indonesia again in the near future.

    • Nonaka sensei,
      Thank you for your comment!
      I was so glad to learn Islam fashion in Indonesia more in detail and more passionately.
      Yes,of course we can do it and I hope we collaborate together for Muslim fashion event.
      See you soon!

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